Fachadas Marbella

Facade Paintings in Marbella

Improve the Appearance of your Building

Exterior painting is a key element to enhance the appearance of your building in Marbella. A well-maintained and painted facade is essential to convey a professional and attractive image. In addition, paint also helps to protect the building structure and prolongs its service life.

At Rodriguez Ros, we specialise in facade painting in Marbella and offer a comprehensive and professional service to meet your needs. With our team of experts and our high quality materials, we can transform the appearance of your building and improve its appearance in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Facade Painting in Marbella

At Rodríguez Ros, we use high quality materials to guarantee an optimal and long-lasting result. We use acrylic paints and synthetic coatings that are UV and weather resistant.

The duration of facade painting in Marbella depends on several factors, such as climate, exposure to the sun and the type of material used. However, with the high quality materials we use at Rodriguez Ros, façade paint can last up to 10 years or more.

The façade painting process in Marbella includes a thorough assessment of the façade, surface preparation, paint application and a final inspection to ensure customer satisfaction. We work carefully to protect the elements adjacent to the façade, such as windows, doors and vegetation.

Yes, at Rodriguez Ros we offer a wide selection of colours and finishes so that you can personalise the painting of your facade in Marbella. We work with you to understand your needs and desires, and help you choose the perfect colour and finish for your building.

Façade painting in Marbella is an important investment to improve the appearance of your building, protect its structure and increase the value of your property. At Rodriguez Ros, we specialise in providing a comprehensive and professional facade painting service in Marbella to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can improve the appearance of your building!

Why is facade painting in Marbella important?

  1. Improve the appearance of your building: A well-painted façade is essential to convey a professional and attractive image. Facade painting is a key element in improving the appearance of your building.
  2. Protects the structure of your building: Paint is a protective barrier that helps protect the building structure and prolongs its life. In addition, it also protects against the weather elements, such as rain and wind, and against degradation caused by exposure to the sun.
  3. Increases the value of your property: A well-maintained building with a well-painted façade is more attractive to potential buyers or tenants, which increases the value of your property.
  4. Contributes to a more attractive environment: Facade painting also contributes to a more attractive and pleasant environment, which increases the satisfaction of residents and visitors.

This is how we work on building restoration and painting IN MARBELLA

  1. Hanging scaffolding was installed and collective and individual means of protection were used.
  2. Demolition of detached areas was carried out using mechanical means.
  3. A hydro cleaner was used to carry out the washing and paint stripping.
  4. The detached concrete supports were repaired using Sikmanonotop 910 and Sikamonotop 412 S systems.
  5. The joints between the walls and the window and window frames were sealed using products such as SikaBoom + Sikahyflex 250 facade sealant or SikaBoom + Sikahyflex 250 facade.
  6. Small movement cracks were filled using Sikawall 303 fibers.
  7. A primer was applied using Sikawall 08 fixative.
  8. Finally, two coats of Sika Color 671 W waterproofing paint in 2 colours were applied.

Restoration and exterior painting for building façade in Las Antillas

A specialised process was carried out using high quality products that resist exposure to sun, moisture and other adverse environmental factors. The surface will be thoroughly prepared, including cleaning and repair of damage. Subsequently, several coats of waterproofing paint will be applied to provide long-lasting protection and an impeccable aesthetic finish.