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Restoration and painting DE VILLAS in Marbella

Villa Rehabilitation in La Zagaleta with Sika Systems

To do so, we carry out the following steps:

1- Installation of collective means of protection and lifelines for the safety of work at heights.

2- Pressure washing of roofs and facades.

3- Application of anchoring fixative and paint on exterior faƧade.

4- Projection of concrete with fibers in the swimming pool area.

5- Terrace waterproofing with Sika systems: Priming with SIKAFLOOR 161 which is a 100% two-component epoxy resin. First layer of SIKALASTIC 612 embedded with SIKAREEMAT glass fibre reinforcement mesh. SIKALASTIC 612 is a cold-applied, moisture-curing, continuous liquid polyurethane waterproofing membrane. Application of a second coat of SIKALASTIC 612. Application of a third coat of SIKALASTIC 612 with a dusting of SIKADUR 510 sand for better adhesion of the cement glue mortar and protection of the liquid membrane against the alkalis in the cement.

6- Installation of flooring on terrace, pool area and barbecue area.

7- Opening of the garage access hole and installation of a new automatic garage door.

8- Cleaning the inside of the pipes of the house. 9- Cutting rising damp with Sikamur Inyectocream Systems.

Rodriguez Ros, company specialized in restoration and painting of villas.

The restoration and painting of luxury villas is a crucial process to maintain the beauty and elegance of these exclusive residential spaces.
At Rodriguez Ros, we are specialists in offering restoration and painting services for luxury villas, providing personalized and high quality solutions to ensure that your home regains its original splendor.

At Rodriguez Ros, we are specialists in restoring and painting villas in marbella  offering professional and quality services to ensure that your luxury villa remains in perfect condition for decades.

Frequently asked questions about the restoration of luxury villas

The restoration and painting of a luxury villa depends on several factors, such as surface condition, climate and general wear and tear. In general, restoration and painting is recommended every 5-7 years or when signs of deterioration, such as paint flaking or surface damage, are detected.

At Rodriguez Ros, we use high quality paints and coatings designed specifically for luxury villas. These products guarantee exceptional durability, UV resistance and a wide range of finish options to suit your style and preferences.

The restoration of damaged surfaces in luxury villas involves a meticulous process. Our team of professionals will assess the condition of the surfaces, make the necessary repairs and apply specialized techniques to achieve a smooth and uniform surface before proceeding with the application of the paint or coating.

Yes, at Rodriguez Ros we offer customized painting services for luxury villas. We work closely with our customers to understand their preferences and offer color, finish and style options to suit their individual tastes, creating a unique and exclusive environment.

Why is the restoration and painting of Villas in Marbella important?

Preservation of value

Periodic restoration and painting of your luxury villa helps maintain its value over time. Proper maintenance and an impeccable appearance contribute to the revaluation of your property.

Aesthetic enhancement

The luxury villas are characterized by their exclusive design and style. Proper restoration and painting will enhance and highlight the unique architectural and aesthetic features of your property.

Durable protection

The right paint and coatings not only beautify your villa, but also protect surfaces from the elements and natural wear and tear. This ensures that your home will remain in top condition for many years to come.

In conclusion

The restoration and painting of luxury villas is essential to preserve the value, enhance the aesthetics, protect and personalize your exclusive home. At Rodriguez Ros, we have the experience and expertise to carry out luxury villa restoration and painting projects with exceptional results.

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